Recruiting Basics

The recruitment process starts early, sometimes as soon as the 7th grade. Be proactive by playing at a competitive level like you do with Rainbows Volleyball Club Hawaii.  Send coaches letters and invite them to games/tournaments starting Freshmen year. Starting early is the key for women’s volleyball. Stay persistent and work hard to land your roster spot on a collegiate volleyball roster.


 A highlight/skills video is one of the most important aspects of the volleyball recruiting process. A good video includes game footage of around 25 plays that illustrate that you’re a well-rounded player. Start with your best plays first and prove that you’re suited for your position.

  • Outside Hitters: Show that you can hit both on the outside and opposite side. Also prove that you are a good passer.

  • Middle Blockers: Footwork and movement around the net is important, but so is highlighting that you can block and hit. Show that you can play in the back row too.

  • Opposite Hitters: Show your ability to move around the net, and that you can hit from all spots on the floor. Include plays that illustrate your skills in the back row.

  • Setters: Highlight your movement, consistency, and ability to play solid defense.

  • Defensive Specialists: Show that you can play every position in the backcourt.



Recommend you have an email dedicated to send/receive recruiting emails and that you check regularly. Make sure the email address is appropriate: is good, not good. If you are good at managing your email that is great! If you can use some reminders, we recommend you give your parents access to this email to help make sure responses are timely.  While the player should do most of the work, we realize they are student athletes and are very busy. 


Contact 50 to 100 realistic women’s volleyball programs. Nearly 1,600 colleges have women’s volleyball. Be proactive and reach out to several that you’re interested in by simply sending an email. Know that the majority of volleyball teams aren’t in Division I. Nearly 80% of college women’s volleyball programs are at the Division II, Division III, NAIA and junior college levels.


It’s not a four-year decision. It’s a 40-year decision. Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. Do your research and make an educated decision, not only as a volleyball recruit, but also as a student athlete. 

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Hint:Check out under the club tab for the college needs list. good place to start making your college email list